Miss Luna

"Why would you die for someone’s sins? Your sins are the only interesting thing about you, you dreary, bleak motherfuckers. Your sins are what make you fantastic, what keeps us great and exciting and fun, its what makes you alive, you should wear your sins on your sleeve and try to top them on a daily basis. When you go to work in the morning, the first thing out of your mouth should be the dirtiest thing you did last night, ‘cause that’s what people want to hear."

I'm Miss Luna. 

I am a young British Goddess and I have been abusing men and their finances since I was a teenager. Always have my eye on the prize - I'm an expert in getting what I want.

I've lived all over, but currently located in Staffordshire. I meet with certain slaves, but I do not offer real time services to all, so please, quit with the emails enquiring about realtime. Unless you've served me and don't irritate the hell out of me, I am not interested.

Kink is not simply business to me, I live the lifestyle. I'm in a very satisfying relationship with a man who enjoys humiliating you as much as I do. He's not classically submissive, but he certainly knows how to look after me. I don't use you out of financial need - I use you because I enjoy using you.

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